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Download The Float Pool App

Connect direct to local facilities.

No middleman. No agency fees.

Pick your facilities. Pick your shifts.

More options and better pay.


For RNs, LPN/LVNs, and CNAs

Studies show an average size hospital spends $3.6 million a year with temp staffing agencies. Nurses Lounge is not an agency. Each time a facility fills a shift using our Float Pool app they SAVE MONEY!

In doing so, facilities can pass those savings on to nursing professionals by offering higher wages, perks and benefits by filling their shifts via the Nurses Lounge Float Pool app!


Looking to make extra money or work at your convenience? Then download the app to enter your
local Float Pool!

As we rollout across the U.S. facilities near you will join the Float Pool and begin adding shifts. The app will notify you when local shifts are added. Use filters to search for specific facilities.


Apply to shifts at your preferred facilities. Use the app to chat with hiring managers to discuss onboarding, orientation and/or payroll details. 

The app informs you when you are assigned to shifts along with any location instructions. Check-in and out of your shift to log hours worked.


In addition to the Float Pool App, Nurses Lounge is connecting the nursing profession on one network. Create your Dashboard, your very own companion to assist you along your career path!

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