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A Career Marketplace for Nurses

Why Join?

A Career Dashboard

In minutes, create your personalized career Dashboard so our algorithms can curate the most current and career worthy information from top-tier nurse organizations to help you accomplish your unique career goals.

Your privacy is important to us. No one can see your career Dashboard but you. We will never share or sell your information to third parties.


My Bulletin Board

Dashboard technology delivers news and information from leading nurse organizations and presents it in a digestible format. 


Bulletin Boards keep you informed and engaged with your alma mater, new education opportunities to help you obtain your goals, as well as the best hiring incentives being offered by employers near you.

Permanent Jobs
Near Me

Thousands of nursing jobs across the U.S are on the job map with more added each day. Never miss out on better pay, shifts, or chance to work closer to home. 

Dashboards let you access your very own personalized job map. Quickly find local hospitals, clinics, and health systems that are hiring your skillsets near you.


Recommended Continuing Education

Over 12,000 nurse and nurse practitioner continuing education courses are in the Nurses Lounge.


Create a Dashboard and we'll deliver AACN certified specialty and required state nurse CE courses you need to stay a certified nurse. 

As a Nurses Lounge member you will receive a 20% discount on all activity purchases from our CE partner StatPearls.

Degrees For Me

Hundreds of schools are sharing thousands of nursing degree programs with our growing membership of nurses. Create a Dashboard and we'll recommend degrees to you based on your current degree level, specialty, and other important criteria.

We'll also connect you with your alma mater. Schools share valuable resources for students and alumni that can only be found in Nurses Lounge.   


Resume Builder

Creating a professional looking resume can be time-consuming and tedious. That is why Nurses Lounge creates one for you, so you can stay focused on being a great nurse.

Create a Dashboard to input your skills as a nurse. Click a button and Nurses Lounge will lay-out and create a professional looking resume. Download the resume as a .PDF to use for applications or use it as a template to make changes as needed.

Ratings & Reviews

Your experiences matter.
Nurses would love to hear about them.

Nurses Lounge anonymous Ratings & Reviews let you speak your truth about your experiences with employers and nursing programs. 

Share your vast knowledge or get insight from others before you apply to a new job or nursing degree program. 

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My Schedule

Nurses are busy. Keep track of your busy schedule whether it is clinical rotations, work or an upcoming event you want to attend. 

My Schedule on Nurses Lounge lets you color coordinate your events, set reminders of upcoming events and easily create reoccurring events.

Download the
Mobile App

Download the Nurses Lounge App in the Google and Apple Play Stores to access your Dashboard on the go! Access all the same career-advancing features and tools available on desktop from your mobile device!


ReadiRN (Gig Staffing)

The demand for a more flexible workforce is here.

Coming soon! ReadiRN by Nurses Lounge will give you the power to determine which employers you work for, desired shifts, and for more pay.


Learn More >> 

Nurses Lounge is the Best Place on the Internet for Nurses

Or don't be a part of the greatest thing in nursing since really comfortable shoes :(

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