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Experience the Value of a Connected Nursing Profession on one Platform

A Career Marketplace for Nurses

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Nurses Lounge
was Created to

  • Aggregate and connect the nursing profession; Nurses, Schools, Associations and Healthcare Facilities on a single platform.

  • Organize and maximize the timely distribution of essential information to highly targeted audiences of nursing professionals.

  • Provide nurses with a suite of features designed to assist with the advancement of their careers.

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No one can see your career Dashboard but you.

My Bulletin Board

Keeps you informed and engaged with alumni news, hiring incentives and professional development resources.


Personalized Facility Job Map

Find local acute and non-acute facilities that are looking to fill permanent positions.

Recommended Continuing Education

Over 12,000 nurse and nurse practitioner continuing education courses filtered by specialty and state.


Degrees For Me

Dashboards recommend online and graduate degrees you qualify for from our growing degree directory. 

Thought Leaders

Highly educated and specialized nursing professionals share their insight and expertise. Follow specific leaders for prioritized notifications of their content or your Bulletin Board will automatically populate with topics relevant to your skills and career.

Search Thought Leaders or Become One


Ratings & Reviews

Rate nursing schools and places of work and optionally share some insight with a review.

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Nurses Lounge
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Nurses Lounge is the Best Place on the Internet for Nurses

Or don't be a part of the greatest thing in nursing since really comfortable shoes :(

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