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Start Building Your Trusted Float Pool!

Whether it's internal nurses or qualified applicants, facilities can curate and grow a trusted workforce of nurses willing to work float, fill shifts, and accepts short-term contracts.


For Facilities

Say goodbye to staffing agencies and their hourly mark-up fees!

The Nurses Lounge Float Pool combines internal float staffing and external candidate sourcing on one platform. 

Whether you need to expand your facilities own internal float efforts or access new candidates all together, Nurses Lounge does both. Help your hiring team find the right match for any given shift or short-term contract whether its a veteran employee or qualified first-timer with a monthly subscription to Nurses Lounge.

The Nurses Lounge’s direct sourcing platform as a service (PaaS) provides the end-to-end technology to easily fill shifts and manage contingent staff. Platform features include:

  • Unlimited access and hires from your Nurses Lounge localized float pool for flat monthly subscription fee.

  • Saves hiring managers time as AI matchmaking selects the optimal nurse for each shift.

  • Rating staff to curate a preferred list of clinicians that best fit with your existing team.

  • Maintain real time orders and assigned staff.

  • View a roster of incoming staff.

  • Create invoices as well as manage payments and accounting.

  • Review credentials or chat with candidates before hire.

Our direct sourcing platform allows your facility to break away from dependence on staffing agencies and save substantially by doing so.

Claim your FREE Lounge page or request a demo and we'll be in touch to hand over ownership so you can optimize the most complete branding and hiring platform available on the market for a flat monthly subscription fee.

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