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Nurses Lounge Direct Sourcing Platform

Direct Sourcing is defined as a technology-focused workforce solution that enables and accelerates an organization's ability to leverage their employer brand to directly source and engage their own dedicated talent pools to fill contract or temporary positions. And that's a key point that we're talking about temporary positions here.

Nurses Lounge Float Pool App

How it Works

Nurses Lounge provides healthcare facilities a suite of online services needed to quickly launch a complete direct sourcing platform thereby reducing their dependence on staffing agencies.


Our suite of services include:

  • An interactive Lounge Page to actively build, enhance and promote a facilities brand to a targeted audience of nurses.

  • An AI matching digital platform to easily fill shifts and manage your contingent workforce including payment and accounting.

  • Unlimited access to a localized national nurse float pool to curate contingent labor.

To achieve our mission, Nurses Lounge utilizes an on-demand solution that provides a digital platform as a Service (PaaS) that offers facilities a modern, self-service experience with minimal human mediation and automates matching, skills assessments, onboarding, scheduling, time tracking and payroll, and a mobile app for Nurse Lounge Float Pool participants.

The platform essentially serves as a workforce marketplace where healthcare facilities can post their staffing needs and qualified healthcare professionals can book available shifts via the Nurses Lounge Float Pool mobile app.

To be a member of the Nurses Lounge Float Pool a nurse must download the mobile app and complete basic professional profile information.

Facility Costs and Potential Savings

Nurses Lounge is not a staffing agency and does not charge hourly staffing fees of any kind.


As a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business we charge a simple flat monthly subscription fee. Healthcare facilities in return receive access to our direct sourcing platform technology including unlimited access to their local Nurses Lounge Float Pool to fill open shifts as well as full time jobs.


Studies estimate that average size hospitals spend approximately $3.6 million a year on hourly temp staffing fees. As such, Nurses Lounge estimates by the 3rd year of our Direct Sourcing Platform operations, a facility could save 85% (approximately $3 million) or more of their agency expenditures.

In the end, Nurses Lounge is a vendor-neutral platform that does not profit from hourly mark-up fees. We charge a flat monthly subscription fee for providing the technology, expertise, and infrastructure to help healthcare facilities optimize their staff with the best candidates available at the lowest cost.

What is Nurses Lounge?

  • Nurses Lounge is a professional network created to aggregate and connect the nursing profession; Nurses, Schools, Associations and Healthcare Facilities on a single platform.

  • Thereby maximizing the timely distribution of essential information to highly targeted audiences of nursing professions.

  • While providing nurses with a suite of features and content designed to assist with the advancement of their careers.

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