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The Nurses Lounge Float Pool

Dallas, TX. – March 11, 2024. The Nurses Lounge (NL), a professional network for nurses, announced they will be launching a Direct Sourcing Platform as a Service (PaaS), that includes a localized Float Pool, in mid-April. The bottom-line is participating facilities will have unlimited access to the NL Float Pool for filling their open PRN/PerDiem shifts all for a flat monthly subscription fee.


The platform essentially serves as a workforce marketplace where healthcare facilities can directly post their temp staffing needs and qualified healthcare professionals can book available shifts via the NL Float Pool’s mobile app.


The NL Float Pool offers nursing professionals a more flexible work/life balance and more choices for work at preferred locations while saving healthcare facilities millions in annual temp agency fees, overtime pay and sign-on bonuses.

Nurses Float Pool

Benefits of the Nurses Lounge Float Pool

  • First, Nurses Lounge is not a staffing agency and does not charge healthcare facilities hourly mark-up fees for staff hired from the float pool.

  • Nurses Lounge provides healthcare facilities a Direct Source PaaS with unlimited access to a local float pool for a simple flat monthly subscription fee.

  • Because facilities can hire unlimited nurses without additional fees, overtime can substantially be reduced thus alleviating excessive workloads and burnout of the staff at no additional costs.

  • Adequate nurse-to-patient staffing levels (internal or state mandated) can be adhered to which helps both patient and staff safety.

  • Reduces the need to consistently pay new hire sign-on bonuses of $10k-$15k.

  • Because the average facility spends upward of $3.6 million in agency fees a year the potential savings could be well over $3 million dollars annually.

With the total potential savings, which includes money saved on limited overtime pay, agency fees and sign-on bonuses, facilities can ensure nurses receive competitive pay and flexible scheduling.  Both of which studies show improves workload fatigue and increases a nurse’s job satisfaction.

Staff Optimization

The goal of Nurses Lounge is to have approximately 10% of the local nursing workforce available in their local float pool at any one time. Whether a nurse joins just to pick-up an occasional shift or to utilize it for their primary source of employment.


In doing so, local facilities will have the best chance of 1) maintaining the desired optimal staff at all times with no added financial consequences and 2) can utilize the substantial savings to re-invest back into their nursing workforce.

What is Nurses Lounge?

  • Nurses Lounge is a professional network created to aggregate and connect the nursing profession; Nurses, Schools, Associations and Healthcare Facilities on a single platform.

  • Thereby maximizing the timely distribution of essential information to highly targeted audiences of nursing professions.

  • While providing nurses with a suite of features and content designed to assist with the advancement of their careers.

If the idea of a single local float pool as described above makes sense to you, please tell your nurse cohorts and/or facilities that are still dependent on working with expensive staffing firms to fill their open shifts.


The fact is, the greater the participation the greater the value for all!


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