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Nurses Lounge is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) business model created as an extension of your in-house talent acquisition efforts. Get started by claiming your facility or Health System Lounge Page.

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Claim Your Company
Lounge Page to
Get Started

Search for your company Lounge page and claim it. There is no limit to the number of team members that can participate. Lounge pages do most of the heavy lifting for you. Our platform automatically delivers company jobs and hiring incentives to your targeted audience of nurses. 


Search for your company, click the button to claim the Lounge page, and complete the form. 


A Nurses Lounge expert will give your talent acquisition team an introduction to the company Lounge Page and the powerful prospecting tools at your disposal. We'll show you how our platform automatically imports jobs and sends hiring incentives to Nurse Dashboards.


All Your Nurse Hiring Needs in One Place


Deliver Each Facilities' Job Openings to Nurse Dashboards

Our mission is to place every facility and all current nursing job openings in the United States on our map providing nurses with the ultimate job search visual. In addition, nurses can view detailed descriptions for all nursing jobs at each facility and apply.

Simply ask your ATS provider to generate an XML feed of your nursing jobs so our growing audience of nurses can view and apply to your jobs via the Jobs Near Me tab on their Career Dashboards

Keep Nurses Informed About Hiring Incentives and Events

Lounge pages provide a user friendly interface so nurse recruiters and talent acquisition teams have the power to quickly and easily send hiring incentives to a targeted audience of nurses.

Announce sign-on bonuses, relocation packages, hiring events and the like to nurse dashboards. Once you are an owner of your company Lounge page you can create daily announcements and target a specific audience of nurses
 based on their location, degree level, specialty and experience.


Create Targeted Spotlight Jobs

Spotlight Jobs are highly visible yellow ads that circulate on Nurse Dashboards and give you complete control to target nurses based on specific skillsets. Build your Spotlight Job and target specific nurses by specialty, degree, experience, and zip code.

Include job title, shift, sign on bonuses and other details in the ad. Nurses Lounge will only deliver your Spotlight Job to nurses that meet the hiring criteria such you designated.

Add Hiring Events
to the Calendar

Have events you want to share with nurses?

When you add jobs to the map your company will unlock access to a calendar. Use this calendar to share important dates such as hiring events, career fairs, virtual facility tours and more!

Our technology automatically shares your events to qualified nurses based on criteria such as location, specialty, education, experience and more. You just need to post the events and we'll do the rest!

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Want to Learn More?

Schedule a demo and we'll review the job board, explore how companies are recruiting experienced nurses and new grads, and go over any questions you might have.

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Want to Learn More?

Schedule a demo and we'll review the job board, explore how companies are recruiting experienced nurses and new grads, and go over any questions you might have.

Introduce Your Hiring Team to More Nurses

Did you know most nurse job seekers prefer to speak with a recruiter before they enter the lengthy application process? 


Nurses Lounge will introduce your hiring team to a larger pool of nurses giving you more chances to promote your brand to qualified candidates.

Claim your company Lounge page to add your hiring team and start prospecting to nurses!

Respond to Nurse Ratings & Reviews

Claim your company Lounge page to respond to nurse ratings and reviews. 

Past and present nurse employees can write anonymous reviews to give you feedback on their experiences with your facility or health system.

Potential applicants use reviews and, more importantly, company responses to determine if they would like to apply for a job or not.  


Find My Company Lounge Page

Search for your company Lounge page to become an owner. Once you find it you can click the button to claim it. Complete the form and a Nurses Lounge member will be in touch. 

Schedule a Demo

Schedule a 30 minute demo with a Nurses Lounge expert to explore your company Lounge page and go over any questions you might have.

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